Job Vacancies

Hello! We are Royal Primary Care Derbyshire. We are a team with a vision; to improve the health and wellbeing of our patient communities. We have a high performing multidisciplinary team who work to deliver innovations in primary care. We believe in using data to drive a positively disruptive approach to addressing health inequalities and building better communities. We are CQC rated Good with ambitions to attain Outstanding. We work in sectors focussed around natural communities as we believe in continuity of care and use our scale for efficient delivery of “invisible” functions. We have very active training and research programs.

Royal Primary Care is the Primary Care Division of Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Our vision is to grow the concept of a family medicine focused blended clinical model as an alternative to the traditional GP led partnership model, demonstrating that family medicine is a viable future option for delivery of cost effective, large scale, high quality, forward thinking integrated family medical care to our patients their families and the wider community.

Royal Primary Care (RPC) is looking for individuals who can innovate and build teams to support the delivery of high quality care to challenging populations through innovation and dedication.

We provide primary care services to 50,000 patients across 9 sites in the Derbyshire area. Clinical teams are principally locality based to develop and maintain continuity although some cross site working may be required. Each site comprises GPs, ANPs and Specialist Mental Health Practitioners supported by a Practice Nursing team alongside Pharmacists. Our multidisciplinary team aligns with our “Right Care, Right Clinician, Right Time” approach.

Our rate of change is rapid: in 2018 CQC commended RPCs turnaround strategy and rate of progress. We are uniquely positioned to provide vertically integrated care to our patients and to develop GP special interests in primary care relevant areas such as ENT, Frailty, Paediatrics, Respiratory diseases, Diabetes and Digital Health Care.

Our Strategy