Asylum Seekers

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Ji kerema xwe bişkoka zimanî ya li milê rastê jor ê vê rûpelê bikar bînin da ku nivîsê wergerînin zimanê xwe

الرجاء استخدام زر اللغة في أعلى يمين هذه الصفحة لترجمة النص إل لغتك

لطفاً از دکمه زبان در سمت راست بالای این صفحه برای ترجمه متن به زبان خود استفاده کنید


Here at Royal Primary Care, we are a non-emergency service and we can help to treat both physical and mental health problems. If you need to see one of our clinical team about a problem, you can call the surgery to book an appointment. If you need an interpreter the surgery can arrange this, you will need to let us know which language you need.

We have male and female staff. It may not be possible to always see a male member of staff if that is your preference. If you wish to only see or speak with a male member of staff we will try to accommodate that where possible but it may delay your appointment. We ask that you treat all our staff male and female with respect. We long with the rest of the NHS do not tolerate aggressive or disrespectful behaviours.


If you need medications, our clinical team can issue you with a prescription. You should take your prescription to a local pharmacy who can dispense the medication for you. If you take any long-term medication, you will need to request a repeat prescription before you run out. It can take time to get a new prescription, so please make sure you put in your request at least a week before you need it.

Pharmacies can sell you certain medications, such as painkillers or creams, without a prescription. They can also give you medical advice or treatment for some straightforward health problems. If you run out of a certain medication, for example asthma inhalers, pharmacists can help you get an emergency supply.


If you have a serious injury or medical emergencies you should go to an Accident & Emergency centre. You do not need an appointment to go to A&E, but you will have to wait to be seen (unless your problem is life threatening). Your nearest A&E is at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

If you need an ambulance to come to you because there is an emergency (usually if your life or someone else’s life is in danger), you should call 999. It is free to call the 999 number. When you call, you will be asked “Which service do you require?” You should say “ambulance” (or police or fire for other kinds of emergency). You will be asked where you are, what your phone number is and what has happened. Stay on the telephone until they end the call because they might need to give you advice or ask more questions while you wait for the ambulance to arrive.

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