About Us

Who Are We?

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust holds 4 contracts to provide primary care services to our patients and delivers on these contracts through its primary care division – Royal Primary Care.

The four contracts are operated as an integrated network of Practices.

RPC is led by the Divisional Director – Dr Peter Scriven and the Managing Director – Mrs Jo Lacey. The Directors are held to account through the Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust structure of Executives and ultimately The Board. RPCs financial and governance structures are compliant with the very high standards required of a Foundation Trust.

Our Story

In 2015, it became clear that Holywell Medical Group could no longer effectively deliver services to its patients. Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS FT stepped in as a “caretaker” to ensure primary care provision did not collapse and this is where the story of Royal Primary Care begins.

2017 – CQC Special Measures

The situation remained quite unstable until 2017 when a new non clinical Director was appointed – Mrs Jo Lacey and then a new clinical Director Dr Scriven who was appointed in late 2017. At this point Royal Primary Care was made up of 2 practices – The old Holywell group centred around Staveley and Grangewood and a practice in Clay Cross. Two quite different practices with different ways of working and profound staffing issues and poor CQC ratings

2018 – CQC Requires Improvement

The start of our recovery; energised with new leadership we managed to recruit motivated and driven people; some of whom like our lead Nurse Lisa Callaghan are still with us and some like Dr Richard Mount gave sterling service in improving RPC before leaving for new challenges.

With hard work from all our team we evidenced to CQC that things were improving and our rating improved to CQC Requires Improvement.

We completed a significant infrastructure project in 2018 when a small team of dedicated staff migrated RPC chesterfield to SystmOne the electronic patient record system in use across all GP Practices in the Chesterfield and Clay Cross areas. This complex project was done to lay the ground work for being able to function as a single virtual list so our patients could eventually see any clinician at any of our sites.

2019 – CQC Good

This was a milestone year for us. The culmination of a lot of hard work – many staff going above and beyond the everyday and steadfast support from our PPG resulted in CQC awarding us an overall rating of good. The CQC inspector commended the leadership and teamwork that had enabled RPC to progress from special measures to good in 2 years. We still had work to do in the responsive domain though and we planned to ensure we could evidence we had improved on this at our next inspection.

Having achieved CQC Good our recruitment improved dramatically and we had more regular doctors and fewer locums to provide better continuity of care to our patients.

In late 2019 a large Chesterfield Practice integrated with us to form a forward thinking practice group with a focus on research and training.


This was the year we networked together all three of our practices through SystmOne and we could finally begin to work as a single practice list. The big benefits being that any patient could see any clinician at any site, all our patients could access all our services and we could ensure that our clinical capacity was evenly and effectively spread.

To improve continuity of care we reconfigured into three sectors – West, East and South with consistent teams of clinical staff.

We moved all our practices onto a single phone system to provide a single access point.

2020 can’t be mentioned without reference to the Covid pandemic. Many of us experienced fear and felt the chaos grip the country and the world as the pandemic unfolded. Our team had to keep trying to provide care whilst national guidance changed sometimes on a daily basis as to how we had to do it. Our team rose to the challenges of these new ways of working.

The RPC App launched; this app co developed by Dr Scriven and Dr Mount was given to RPC to use for free. It proved to be very popular with 7000+ downloads and 4000+ active users until it was retired in December 2023 due to changes in NHS England rules for apps.


Managing through covid times – seems like a long time ago now. We needed a smart and adaptable team who could keep the practice moving forward as well as continuing to provide care in difficult times.

The work of Dr Alston brought back our training practice status; we developed our GPS as Trainers – Dr Clement one of RPCs stalwarts become a trainer and our first final year GP trainee passed her exams with flying colours and went on to take a job with us. A fantastic result for the team and validation of our “grow our own” strategy to improve our GP numbers.

Covid vaccinations – working with neighbouring practices in Brimington we ran “pop up” covid vaccination clinics at our Inkersall site – 500+ vaccines per day delivered in Staveley to support the mass vaccination centre at Walton hospital run by Chesterfield & Dronfield PCN. General Practice working together in adversity to ensure we provided a vital public health role.


RPC West (Ashgate) were assessed as part of RPC Derbyshire by the CQC and we delivered Good across the board. This is testament to the tremendous effort the team at Ashgate put in, getting us ready for CQC.

A fourth practice joined RPC Derbyshire in 2022 – RPC Brooklyn in Heanor is our smallest practice and provide care to 7400 patients from a single site. RPC Derbyshire now has a list size of around 50,000 patients making it one of the biggest primary care providers in Derbyshire and more than twice the size we were in 2017.

Our Research Unit led by Dr Adrian Beltran Martinez and supported by Mr Tom Spencer from Chesterfield Royal Hospital was awarded NIHR level 4 accreditation. The only Primary Care site in Derbyshire to receive this prestigious ranking for research excellence.

So that’s our story so far.

We know there is still work to do particularly around telephone answering times and making it easier for you to see the clinician of your choice. We know sometimes our patients feel they haven’t had the care they would want. We recognise we make mistakes (and we learn from them); sometimes through systems and processes and sometimes because we are human and have bad days just like you.

We hope reading our story reassures you our team at RPC Derbyshire is constantly striving to improve and we have a track record of delivering improvements thanks to great leadership and a great team.

We hope that 2024 onwards will see further improvements across our organisation to benefit our patients.

Our Vision

Our vision is founded on a data driven understanding of the needs of our patients and an aspiration to be an outstanding provider of primary care to make the maximal positive benefit to the health of our patients, their families and the wider community. We have drawn on the Joined Up Care Derbyshire plan to take account of the new NHS priorities and drive to generate population and System benefits across the County. We have consulted with our people to agree what matters to them.

Our aspiration for 2025 is to be recognised as:

The leading at scale provider of primary care services in the Midlands.

  • Rated as outstanding by the CQC and providing an award-winning range of primary care services in North Derbyshire
  • Working collaboratively with a range of System providers and being credited with bringing Derbyshire County population health metrics above the national average
  • Recognised for innovation and digital reach Royal Primary Care is the flagship for the substantive primary care model aligned to an acute hospital Trust, influencing national policy on alternative primary care models.

We know in some areas we have a lot of work to do; there is not an unlimited budget and no magic wand! What we do have is a dedicated team of people who want to provide the best they can for our patients.

How we operate

RPC can be considered as an integrated network of practices formed around natural communities. This gives 3 overlapping Sectors of around 15,000 patients each covering Chesterfield and Clay Cross with RPC Brooklyn operating as a single practice geographically in Heanor.

Each Sector has an established clinical and nursing team. This means that GPs, ANPs and Nurses stay in their sector. We operate like this to provide continuity of care for our patients and our staff; working with regular colleagues makes work a better place to be.

As a patient at RPC you have the flexibility to be seen at whichever of our surgeries in whichever Sector is most convenient for you.

RPC East

RPC East is clustered around the Staveley and Inkersall area and provides services to around 15000 patients. We currently have 2 sites in this Sector: RPC Rectory Road (S43 3UZ) and RPC Inkersall  (S43 3HB). The Sector Lead is Mrs Tracy Bennett an experienced ANP who has been with RPC since 2017. Regular clinical staff at RPC East include: Drs Ripon Ahmed, Frances Clement, Ruth Bentley, Tunji Olalare; ANPs Mel Baker-Hunt and trainee ANP Phil Cartwright; Specialist Mental Health Practitioner Nic Shepherd-Boden; Nursing team led by Hayley Burke, Cassie Hayward; HCAs Kim McAssey, Sarah Halfyear. The non clinical team is led by Deputy Practice Manager Gina Houchin.

RPC East is currently where most of our medical student and GP training activity is based. Our Inkersall site we share with the Community Midwifery Service.

RPC West

RPC West is clustered around the Ashgate, Brampton and Walton areas and provides services to around 14,000 patients. We currently have 3 sites in this Sector: RPC Ashgate (S40 4AA), RPC Holme Hall (S40 4SL) and RPC Whittington (S41 9JZ). The Sector Lead is Mr Jon Boden an experienced Specialist Mental Health Practitioner who has been with RPC since 2016 and who is also the Mental Health Lead for the whole of Royal Primary Care. Regular clinical staff at RPC West include: Drs Sarah Bruins, Jennie burgess, Mandy Dhillon, Adrian Beltran-Martinez, Sam Lassa and Rob Earl; ANPs Chris Bufton, Rumbi Bungu and Trainee ANP Ebby Chanzu; Nursing team led by Loren Wilson-Higham, Maggie Shannon, Emily Brooks and Ellie Weeks; HCAs Linda Bamford, Angela Forbes and Phlebotomist Caroline Simmonds. The non clinical team is led by Deputy Practice Manager Sam Cauldwell.

RPC West is where the Research Unit is based led by Dr Adrian Beltran-Martinez and Dr Sam Lassa and supported by the research team we run an active and very highly regarded research facility which recently attained NIHR Level 4 status; the only Level 4 accredited primary care site in Derbyshire.

RPC South

RPC South is clustered around the Clay Cross area extending up through Grassmoor to Grangewood and provides services to around 14,500 patients. We currently have 3 sites in this Sector: RPC Grangewood – S40 2HP, RPC Clay Cross – S45 9NR and RPC Grassmoor - S42 5ED. The Sector Lead is Dr Vicky Lloyd. Regular clinical staff at RPC South include: Drs Laurence O'connor-Reed and Herman Iserloh; ANPs Jeanette Lewis, Jason Cameron and Johnathon Campton; Specialist Mental Health Practitioners Jon Boden and Marie Madin; Nursing team led by Lisa Callaghan, Tara Elsmore and Sarah Barker; HCAs Laura Culf and Sue Green. The non clinical team is led by Deputy Practice Manager Mel Malton.

RPC South houses the Head Office functions for RPC Derbyshire. Some of the “invisible” but very important functions of running primary care such as making referrals, arranging vaccination clinics, building staff rotas, reporting data to the CCG and NHSE to ensure that funding flows efficiently are managed by centralised teams; one of the advantages of providing primary care at scale.

RPC Brooklyn

RPC Brooklyn is the newest member of the RPC family and serves around 7400 patients in Heanor. Regular clinical staff at RPC Brooklyn are Drs Julia Murfitt, Muhammad Shah and Emma Peck; Nursing team Lucy Collingham and Hayley Binfield; HCAs Lucy Lowe and Laura Kirkman. The non clinical team is led by Deputy Practice Manager Leah Caddick whilst Amanda Clark joins the RPC Senior Management Team.

RPC Brooklyn is a compact single site and highly regarded training practice.

RPC Leadership Structure